This one has a way too much copy. But hey, people read! I hate all that non-sense about people not reading anymore. Tell that to Borders or Barnes & Nobles. Well, enough with the ranting. Just try to follow the little story in Kiki's mind. It seems creatives think either rambling or with random images. Good-grief.

The beautiful artwork for this entry came directly from the United Kingdom, product of the masterful work of Charlie Bowater. With only 20 years, Charlie is a very gifted young woman. A true art prodigy and I'm grateful to have worked with her. You can see more of Charlie's work on her webpage: http://www.charliebowater.com

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Mark said...

People still read. If anyone says otherwise, I kindly like to point out how the Internet seems to be doing okay lately despite the fact that it has some words in it. Then, boom, I punch them in the kidney.