Welcome to my ADNORMAL life, an open window to the advertising business through the experiences of three creatives:
Ché, a metrosexual, fashion-savvy, I-hate-the-world pessimist, Senior Art Director
Nolo, a cyber hippie destined to share the love of the ASCII goddess
Kiki, a video-game junkie forced to succeed as an advertising copywriter to pay the bills

In every story from my ADNORMAL life you'll encounter different styles of illustration from different talented artists around the world in an effort to expose these talents and as statement that advertising may look different from here to there, but the characters, situations and headaches, remain the same.

The concept art for the main characters was created by the talented RAKU from Raox Studios in Spain. To see more of his work follow the link: http://raoxcrew.deviantart.com/